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or, some stories of internal cohabitation


Making an appointment, in an era of millimetric time. Disseminating pleasures and anxieties. Eating together. Eating our heterogeneous constituent elements. Unravelling our references, shifting our anchor points, masticating and naming our acts of failed or postponed yearnings. Questioning, in this way, our imperviousness, which thankfully is imperfect and allows temperaments of Otherness and ingredients for catastrophe to enter. Those combustible and transforming ingredients that change us, that reconfigure us, those that can spark unprecedented connections and new modulations, summon other gazes. Allowing the Other to enter Us, that necessary extra-Self.

being inhabited by

Cooking and sharing these calorific substances, both palpable and impalpable, that enter through our welcoming orifices to nourish our affective thermoregulations. Filling, in this way, certain internal voids, exchanging these constituent nutriments through a multipurpose orality. Reshaping the edges of accidental or intentional gaps, those of unusual orifices, of necessary breaches that allow the insertion of the dancing substance, the unexpected, the lubricant of displacement that scrubs us or contaminates us.

opening up the potential for delight like a pomegranate

Unpacking, perforating in this way the furnishings of our pluricellular house, then reconstructing it by means of a binder called parlance-paste. A parlance less concerned with its mere identitary positioning. Transforming oneself, in the midst of a test bed with no finality, and with no effectiveness program. Knowing full well that the modulations exchanged here are not only made concrete in this temporarily determined poetic space, but are also conveyed into all of our acts and attitudes, moving in our rhizomorphic community, through the internal and external city. Deploying themselves in the space of the routine, not as a method to be followed, but rather as a less determined way of opening up the possibilities of existence.

I must specify that the community I speak of here is that which makes up each individual. An affective community borne by the individual. The wider, external community is more abstract in shape, mythological, imprinting itself in our tissue in an Other manner. To induce a conversation between these two socialities, endo- and ectodermal, or, at the very least, to get them to enunciate clearly, requires the creation of narrative paths that enable common stories to be composed.

for everything that moves through us

It is based on these inquiries into pathways and modes of incorporation that Darboral came into being, as a meeting space in continuum that puts in place a variable-speed device for exchanges. This infrastructure operates according to an experience of the existent body and by means of its varying choices with respect to deepening and availability. Of course, with this cosmology of the constitution and traversal of bodies come interlocking questions about durations of absorption and digestion, in the midst of our bulimic era with its insistence on measurable profitability. Can we modify the lengths of time we spend listening? Can they continue to be compressed without losing their correctness or their substance? The absorbing space has something to do with rumination and ripening - for to converse together means creating those delectable narrative pathways, which necessarily imply a singular sharing, a type of availability, whereby the parlance-paste, composed in the mouth and re-composed in the inner ear, allows us to embody other kinds of renunciation.


Massimo Guerrera
Montréal, April 2000




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